Agriculture Cell Department

Agriculture(WTO Cell) Department is established

1. To advice the State Government on issues related to Foreign Trade Policy of  Government of India with specific reference to the State’s agriculture sector.

2. To periodically appraise the State Government on the Agricultural situation based on regular monitoring of the performance of the crops.

3. To examine the domestic support and export subsidies being provided to agriculture sector in the State in the context of theWTO Agreement on
    Agriculture and suggest measures for enhancing the competitiveness of     commodities.

4. To suggest inclusion of schemes and programmes in the Annual/Five Year Plans with a view to enhance the competitiveness of agricultural  commodities
     in the liberalized trade regime.


5. To examine the various WTO Agreements, International Treaties and national legislations which have a bearing on State legislations on agriculture and
     advice the State on its implication, mode of implementation, modification/amendments,if any, to be made etc.

6. To advice the State on policy directions based on studies initiated by the Cell.

7. To take follow up action based on the decisions of the High level Standing Committee on Agricultural Trade chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.

8. To draw opinions from stakeholders by conducting workshops, seminars and lectures which will help to streamline the agricultural policy of the State in tune with the changing policy environment.