Survey Records

Central Survey Office (CSO) of Thiruvananthapuram is the main survey record repository of the State. Central Modern Record Room is envisaged as a survey record management project in which the records preserved under one of the old record conservation project (e-rekha) of the Mission will be transferred and kept in this Modern Record Room. Movable racks/compactors are the highlights of this project by which the space constraints in the available area of CSO for storage of large number of records will be managed. Scientific Map Library and cataloging facility etc were provided for easy data retrieval and management.

Central Modern Record Room

District Modern Record Room.

This record management centers are establishing in the District level. Survey records kept in the District Survey Superintendent office of Collectorate is managed in an unscientific manner and this results record retrieval a tedious process. In order to overcome this situation this Record Rooms were designed and implementing in Districts centers. Movable compactors, Scientific Map Library and cataloging facility etc were also provided in this project as well for easy data retrieval and management.

Curent Rates of Various survey sketches issued from the Department

1 TALUK MAP(ONE SHEET) 630.00 113.00 743.00
2 JILA MAP(ONE SHEET) 630.00 113.00 743.00
3 LITHO MAP(ONE SHEET) 630.00 113.00 743.00
4 BLOCK MAP (RESURVEY)(ONE SHEET) 630.00 113.00 743.00
5 MEASURMENT PLAN (OLD SURVEY)(ONE SHEET) 475.00 86+10=96.00 571.00
10 AREA LIST(ONE SUB DIVISION) 80.00 14.00 94.00

List of Sketches / Records available in Central Survey Office(C.S.O)Thiruvananthapuram

ടൗൺ സർവെ അളവുപ്ലാനുകൾ ലഭ്യമുള്ള ടൗണുകളുടെ പട്ടിക
 Sl.No Town
 1 Cochin
 2 Kannur
 3 Thalasseryy
 4 Palakkad
 5 Kozhikkode
 6 Kalppathi

കുറിപ്പ് –

ഈ പട്ടിക ഒരു സൂചകം മാത്രം. പഴയ സർവെ അളവു പ്ലാനുകൾ ഭാഗീകമായി മാത്രമേ നിലവിൽ ലഭ്യമുള്ളൂ. ഭൗതികമായ ഒരു തിരച്ചിലിലൂടെ മാത്രമേ ഏതെല്ലാം സർവെ നമ്പരുകളുടെ സ്കെച്ചുകൾ ലഭ്യമുണ്ട് എന്ന് കണ്ടെത്താൻ കഴിയുകയുള്ളൂ.

സെൻട്രൽ സർവെ ഓഫീസിൽ മുൻസർവെ അളവുപ്ലാനുകൾ ലഭ്യമുള്ള വില്ലേജുകളുടെ പട്ടിക
Sl.No Name of Old Taluk Name of Old Village/Tavalom
 1 Alangad Chengamanadu
 2 Alangad Kothakulangara
 3 Alangad Thrikkakkara
 4 Alangad Alangad
 5 Alangad paarakkadavu
 6 Alangad Kadungallur
 7 Alangad Ayiroor
 8 Aluva Chengamanadu
 9 Aluva Manjapra
 10 Aluva Kothakulangara
 11 Aluva Aluva
 12 Aluva Kothamkulangara
 13 Ampalappuzha Thalavadi
 14 Ampalappuzha Purakkadu
 15 Ampalappuzha Aryaadu
 16 Ampalappuzha Kozhimukku
 17 Azhikkode Cranganur
 18 Changanassery Madappally
 19 Changanassery Chirakkadavu
 20 Changanassery Vazhappally East
 21 Changanassery Vazhappally West
 22 Changanassery Puthuppally
 23 Changanassery Veliyanadu
 24 Changanassery Muttar
 25 Changanassery Ramankary
 26 Changanassery Kurichi
 27 Changanassery Vaazhoor
 28 Changanassery Maadappalli
 29 Changanassery Vellavoor
 30 Changanassery Nedumkunnam
 31 Changanassery Neelamparoor
 32 Changanassery Changanasseri
 33 Changanassery Cheruvalli
 34 Chengannur Pandanadu
 35 Chengannur Kulanada
 36 Chengannur Mazhuvely (Panthalam)
 37 Chengannur Aranmula
 38 Chengannur Cheriyanadu
 39 Chengannur Aala
 40 Chengannur Venmani
 41 Chengannur Mulakkuzha
 42 Chengannur Chengannur
 43 Chengannur Thiruvanvandoor
 44 Chengannur Vadakkekkara
 45 Chengannur Maannaar
 46 Chengannur Kurittyssery
 47 Chengannur Chirakkadavu
 48 Chengannur Kumbazha
 49 Chengannur Omalloor
 50 Chengannur Ranni
 51 Chengannur Elangoor
 52 Chengannur Pathanamthitta
 53 Chengannur Chengannur Kumbazha
 54 Chenkotta Achanputhoor
 55 Chenkotta Puliyara
 56 Chenkotta Klanngad
 57 Chenkotta Aryankavu
 58 Cherthala Pallippurm
 59 Cherthala Kanjikkuzhi
 60 Cherthala Thyccattussery
 61 Cherthala Thuravur North
 62 Cherthala Cherthala South
 63 Cherthala Vayalar West
 64 Cherthala Panampally
 65 Cherthala Aroor
 66 Cherthala Vayalar East
 67 Cherthala Ayiroor
 68 Cherthala Thanneermukkam South
 69 Cherthala Cherthala North
 70 Cherthala Thaikkattusseri
 71 Cherthala Thuravur Sorth
 72 Cherthala Thuravur Sorth & North
 73 Cherthala Thanneermukkam
 74 Cherthala Thuravoor South
 75 Cherthala Vaduthala Madathil Bhagam
 76 Cherthala Thanneermukkam North
 77 Cherthala Thuravoor
 78 Cherthala Turavoor South
 79 Cherthala Aroor North
 80 Cherthala Thuravur South
 81 Cherthala Kokothamangalam
 82 Chirayinkeezhu Karavaram
 83 Chirayinkeezhu Pallikkal
 84 Chirayinkeezhu Edakkodu
 85 Chirayinkeezhu Koduvazhannoor
 86 Chirayinkeezhu Kadakkavur
 87 Cranganur Pullut
 88 Devikulam Vattavada
 89 Devikulam Kottakomboor
 90 Devikulam Marayur
 91 Devikulam Marayoor
 92 Ettumanoor Manjoor
 93 Ettumanoor Perubaikkam
 94 Kanayannoor Chowra
 95 Kanayannoor Thiruvamkulam
 96 Kanayannoor Eranakulam
 97 Kanayannoor Kumpalam
 98 Kanayannoor Kizhakkumbhagam
 99 Kanayannoor Kanayannur
 100 Kanayannoor Marada
 101 Kanayannoor Elamkulam
 102 Kanayannoor cheranallur
 103 Kanayannoor Vadavakkoor
 104 Kanayannoor Kulayattikkara
 105 Kanayannoor Punithura
 106 Kanayannoor Kurikkadu
 107 Kanayannoor Malayattoor
 108 Kanayannoor Keecheri
 109 Kanayannoor Kaippattoor
 110 Kanayannoor Mulanthuruth
 111 Kanayannoor Thekkumbhagam
 112 Kanayannoor Amballur
 113 Kanayannoor Nadamel
 114 Kanayannoor Vadakkumbhagam
 115 Kanjirappally Kanjirappally
 116 Kanjirappally Kanjirappally North & South
 117 Kanjirappally Manimala
 118 Karthikappally Arattuppuzha
 119 Karthikappally Keerikkadu
 120 Karthikappally Muthukulam
 121 Karthikappally Kumarapuram
 122 Karthikappally Krishnapuram
 123 Karthikappally Kanthallur
 124 Karthikappally Kayamkulam
 125 Karthikappally Karthikappally
 126 Karthikappally Cheruthana
 127 Karthikappally Kandalloor
 128 Karthikappally Puthuppally
 129 Karthikappally Pallippadu
 130 Karthikappally Keerikkadu Gramam
 131 Karthikappally Pathiyoor
 132 Karthikappally Chingali
 133 Karthikappally Harippadu
 134 Karthikappally Thrikkunnappuzha
 135 Karunagappally Krishnapuram Gramam
 136 Karunagappally Perunadu Gramam
 137 Karunagappally Chavara
 138 Kodungallur Mathala
 139 Kollam Mandro Island
 140 Kollam Thrikkovilvattam
 141 Kollam Adichanallur
 142 Kollam Kilikolloor
 143 Kollam Kottarakkara
 144 Kollam Paravur
 145 Kollam Eravipuram
 146 Kollam Kollam
 147 Kollam Perinadu
 148 Kollam Meenadu
 149 Kollam Perunadu Gramam
 150 Kothamagalam Keerappara
 151 kottarakkara Chadayamangalam
 152 kottarakkara Ittiva
 153 kottarakkara Kottarakkara
 154 kottarakkara Neduvathur
 155 kottarakkara Ummannoor
 156 kottarakkara Chithara
 157 kottarakkara Kadakkal
 158 kottarakkara Veliyum
 159 kottarakkara Ezhukone
 160 Kottarakkara Vettikkavala
Kottarakkara Velinallur
Kottarakkara Kummil
Kottarakkara Mylam
Kottarakkara Kulakkada
Kottarakkara Melila
Kottarakkara Elamad
Kottarakkara Pavithraswaram
Kottarakkara Pooyappally
Kottarakkara Veliyam
Kottayam Nattakam
Kottayam Kaippuzha
Kottayam Kottayam
Kottayam Panachikkadu
Kottayam Vijayapuram
Kottayam Kummanam
Kottayam Ayarkkunnam
Kottayam Paampady
Kottayam Pampady
Kottayam Kumarakam
Kottayam Aimanam
Kottayam Kudamallur
Kottayam Akalakunnam
Kottayam Thiruvarppu
Kottayam Onamthuruthu
Kottayam Ettumanoor
Kottayam Athirampuzha
Kunnathunadu Vengoor
Kunnathunadu Vazhakulam
Kunnathunadu Vengola
Kunnathunadu Edappally Thekkumbhagam
Kunnathunadu Edappally Vada kkumbhagam
Kunnathunadu Kothakulangara
Kunnathunadu Thrikkakkara
Kunnathunadu Cheranalloor
Kunnathunadu Chemmanadu
Kunnathunadu Manjapra
Kunnathunadu Aluva
Kunnathunadu Kunnathunadu
Kunnathunadu Vengoor East
Kunnathunadu Raayamangalam
Kunnathunadu Mazhuvannoor
Kunnathunadu Aikkaranadu
Kunnathunadu Aikkaranadu Vadakku
Kunnathunadu Aikkaranadu Thekku
Kunnathunadu Perumpavur
Kunnathunadu Asamannur
Kunnathunadu Kizhakkambalam
Kunnathunadu Rayamangalam
Kuttanadu Neelamparoor
Kuttanadu Thakazhy
Kuttanadu Pulinkkunnu
Kuttanadu Takazhy
Kuttanadu Chambakulam
Kuttanadu Chenankari
Kuttanadu Nedumudi
Kuttanadu Kainamkari
Mavelikkara Chunakkara
Mavelikkara Thekkekkara
Mavelikkara Panthalam Thekkekkara
Mavelikkara Peringara
Mavelikkara Nooranadu
Mavelikkara Peringara Thekkekkara
Mavelikkara Thonnallur
Mavelikkara Vallikkunnam
Mavelikkara Thamarakulam
Mavelikkara Mavelikkara
Mavelikkara Paalamel
Mavelikkara Chennithala
Mavelikkara Thripperumthura
Mavelikkara Pallikkal
Mavelikkara Thazhakkara
Mavelikkara Kannamagalam
Mavelikkara Bharanikkavu
Meenachal Condoor
Meenachal Poonjar Vadakkekkara
Meenachal Laalam
Meenachal Puliyannur
Meenachal Bharanganam
Meenachal Meenachil
Meenachal Kidangoor
Meenachal Kaanankary
Meenachil Poonjar Vadakkekkara
Meenachil Kondoor
Meenachil Poonjar Thekkekkara
Meenachil Poonjar
Meenachil Meenachil
Meenachil Ramapuram
Meenachil Poonjar
Meenachil Poonjar Nadubhagam
Moovattupuzha Velloorkunnam
Moovattupuzha Moovattupuzha
Moovattupuzha Kadavur
Moovattupuzha Eramalloor
Moovattupuzha Varapetty
Moovattupuzha Elakkadu
Moovattupuzha Vaarappetty
Moovattupuzha Varappetty
Moovattupuzha Kuttamangalam
Moovattupuzha Kothamangalam
Moovattupuzha Uzhavur
Moovattupuzha Pindimana
Moovattupuzha Enanalloor
Moovattupuzha Ramamangalam
Moovattupuzha Mulavur
Moovattupuzha Piravam
Moovattupuzha Thirumarady
Moovattupuzha Koothattukulam
Moovattupuzha Arakkuzha
Moovattupuzha Mudavur
Nedumangad Palode
Nedumangad Tholicodu
Nedumangad Nedumangad
Nedumangad Anadu
Nedumangad Vellanadu
Nedumangad Veeranakavu
Nedumangad Kulathummal
Nedumangad Ottasekharamangalam
Nedumangad Chenkal
Nedumbana Nedumbana
Neyyattinkkara Karumkulam
Neyyattinkkara Thiruppuram
Neyyattinkkara Marukil
Neyyattinkkara Perumkulam
Neyyattinkkara Neyyattinkkara
Neyyattinkkara Perumkudavila
Neyyattinkkara Nellanadu
Neyyattinkkara Kollayil
Neyyattinkkara Athiyannur
Neyyattinkkara Kottukal
Neyyattinkkara Paarassala
Neyyattinkkara Pallichal
Neyyattinkkara Vilappil
Neyyattinkkara Maaranallur
Neyyattinkkara Kulathur
Paaroor Paaroor
Paaroor No :4 Pakuthi Paaroor
Paaroor Koduvalli
Paaroor Kodungallur
Paravur Puthanchira
Paravur Vaarapuzha
Paravur Alangad
Paravur Vadakkekkara
Paravur Paravur
Paravur Koduvalli
Paravur Puthanvelikkara
Paroor Chengamanadu
Pathanamthitta Omalloor
Pathanamthitta Kumbazha
Pathanamthitta Vadasserikkara
Pathanapuram Anchal
Pathanapuram Thalavur
Pathanapuram Punalur
Pathanapuram Vamanapuram
Pathanapuram Pathanapuram
Pathanapuram Edamulakkal
Pathanapuram Vilakkudi
Peerumedu Periyar
Peerumedu Mlappara
Thiruvalla Peringara
Thiruvalla Kaviyoor
Thiruvalla Cherukol
Thiruvalla Ayiroor
Thiruvanathapuram Muttathara
Thiruvanathapuram Iranimuttam
Thiruvanathapuram Pallippurm
Thiruvanathapuram Ulloor
Thiruvanathapuram Cheruvakkal
Thiruvanathapuram Chengazhasseri
Thiruvanathapuram Uliyazhathura
Thiruvanathapuram Chettivilayam
Thiruvanathapuram Aramada
Thiruvanathapuram Attipra
Thiruvanathapuram Andoorkonam
Thiruvanathapuram Keezhthonnakkal
Thiruvanathapuram Kadinamkulam
Thiruvanathapuram Kadakumpally
Thiruvanathapuram Anchamada
Thiruvanathapuram Palkulangara
Thiruvanathapuram Pangappara
Thodupuzha Thodupuzha
Thodupuzha Manakkadu
Thodupuzha Kidannoor,Karikkodu,Maaraadi
Thodupuzha Karimannoor
Thodupuzha Pooppara
Thrissur Kilannoor
Thrissur Paananchery
Thrissur Madakkathara
Thrissur Mannamangalam
Thrissur Mulayam
Thrissur Kaniyannoor
Thrissur Elikkara
Udumpanchola Ragakkadu
Udumpanchola Paampadumpara
Udumpanchola Chakkuppalam
Udumpanchola Udumpanchola
Udumpanchola Konnathadi
Vaikkam Kaduthuruthy
Vaikkam Mulakkulam
Vaikkam Maravathuruth
Vaikkam Vadayar
Vaikkam Vadakkemuri
Vaikkam Chembumuri
Vaikkam Thalayazham
Vaikkam Kulashekharamangalam
Vaikkam Naduvile
Vaikkam Vaikkam
Vaikkam Padinjarekkara
Vaikkam Vechur
Vayanadu Muttil
Vayanadu Karingari
Vayanadu Changadam
Vayanadu Cherukara
Karthikappally Arattuppuzha
Thrissur Panamchery
Thrissur Puthoor Mattakottara
Chittoor Eravattaprathy
Chittoor Ayalur
Chittoor Vadakarapathy
Chittoor Kozhipathy
Chittoor Kunnamkattupathy
Chittoor Attayampathy
Chittoor Mulathara
Chittoor Thenampathy
Thrissur Mattakottara
Chittoor Thekkedesham
Chittoor Kuttippalam
Chittoor Eruthampathy
Chittoor Vanchekunampathy
Chittoor Kozhinjappara
Chittoor Pothundy
Chittoor Chittoor
Chittoor Yattamangalam
Chittoor Nelleppally
Chittoor Kayarady
Chittoor Nenmara
Chittoor Uzhalapathy
Chittoor Wallage
Chittoor Thiruvazhiyadu
Chittoor Pattanchery
Chittoor Valiyavallampathy
Chittoor Perumatty
Mukundapuram Karumathara
Mukundapuram Poyya
Mukundapuram Annalloor
Mukundapuram Alathoor
Mukundapuram Perampra
Mukundapuram Vallivattam
Mukundapuram Chengalloor
Mukundapuram Pulloor
Mukundapuram Madathumpadu
Mukundapuram Nellayi
Mukundapuram Amballur
Mukundapuram Perumangalam
Mukundapuram Vadakkumbhagam
Mukundapuram Korattissery
Mukundapuram Padiyur
Mukundapuram Pariyaram
Mukundapuram Madyikonam
Mukundapuram Iringalakkuada
Mukundapuram Thazhakkadu
Mukundapuram Kallattukkara
Mukundapuram Karalam
Mukundapuram Thorava
Mukundapuram Alloor
Mukundapuram Thottippal
Mukundapuram Thekkumkkara
Mukundapuram Kalloor
Mukundapuram Kodakara
Mukundapuram Varantharappally
Mukundapuram palam
Mukundapuram Mattathor
Mukundapuram Thirukoor
Mukundapuram Manavalassery
Mukundapuram Kurivilassery
Mukundapuram Kodassery
Mukundapuram Edathirinji
Mukundapuram Velukkara
Mukundapuram Kizhakkechalakkudi
Mukundapuram Kottanelloor
Mukundapuram kizhakkummury
Mukundapuram Neminikkara
Mukundapuram Kallarthekkummuri
Mukundapuram Thirumukulam
Mukundapuram Melloor
Mukundapuram Kattoor
Mukundapuram Vadama
Mukundapuram Muringoor Thekkummuri
Mukundapuram Pallippuram
Mukundapuram Ananthapuram
Mukundapuram Vadakkumkkara
Mukundapuram Kaduppassery
Mukundapuram MuringoorVadakkummuri
Mukundapuram Muriyadu
Mukundapuram Parappukkara
Mukundapuram Kakkulassery
Mukundapuram Potta
Mukundapuram Nanthippalam
Peerumedu Peerumadu
Peerumedu Peruvanthanam
Chirayinkeezhu Vellallur
Thiruvanathapuram Ayiroopara
Pathanapuram Pattazhi
Karunagappally Puthuppally Gramam
Karunagappally Puthuppally
Karunagappally Thekkumbhagam
Changanasseri Puthuppally
Cherthala Maararikulam
Karunagappally Thazhava Gramam
Thiruvalla Kallooppara
Thiruvalla Koyapram
Thiruvalla Vadakkekkara
Thiruvalla Kavumbhagam
Thiruvalla Kizhakkumbhagam
Thiruvalla Nedumpuram
Chirayinkeezhu Varkkala
Chirayinkeezhu Pulimath
Kollam Kizhakkekkallada
Kollam Thrikkadavur
Thiruvalla Ezhamattoor
Thiruvalla Koyipram
Thiruvalla Kadapra
Thiruvalla Mallapuzhasseri
Thiruvalla Thottupuzhasseri
Kunnathoor Adoor
Kunnathoor Pallikkal
Kunnathoor Kodumon
Devikulam Vellathooval
Thalappally Vellathanjoor
Thalappally Palloor
Thalappally Porkkulam
Thalappally Kadavaloor
Thalappally Mayannoor
Thalappally Cheramankad
Thalappally Muloorkkara
Thalappally Arthatt
Thalappally Vadakkethara
Thalappally Thalasseri
Thalappally Chittanga
Thalappally Akathiyoor
Thalappally Vellarkkadu
Thalappally Vengalloor
Thalappally Kariyannoor
Thalappally Manalithara
Thalappally Viruppaka
Thalappally Pampady
Thalappally Perumpilavu
Thalappally Kottappuram
Thalappally Kongazhi
Thalappally Ennakkadu
Thalappally Thiruvilluamala
Thalappally Kadungodu
Thalappally Thekkumkkara
Thalappally Melloor
Thalappally Thonnumkkara
Thalappally Nalloor
Thalappally Elanadu
Thalappally Pazhayannoor
Thalappally Attoor
Thalappally Thayyoor
Thalappally Chelakkara
Thalappally Chelekkadu
Thalappally Peringannoor
Thalappally Pulakkadu
Thalappally Kanippayyoor
Thalappally Chemmanthada
Thalappally Eravalloor
Thalappally Chundal
Thalappally Nedumpura
Thalappally Chavannoor
Thalappally Kunnamkulam
Thalappally Kurumala
Thalappally Varavoor
Thalappally Pazhanji
Thalappally Poothuruthi
Thalappally Kanjirakkodu
Thalappally Panjaal
Thalappally cheranallur
Thalappally Pangarappilly
Chirayinkeezhu Navaikulam
Kunnathoor Angadikkal
Devikulam Keezhannoor
Devikulam Vandamedu
Thalappally Mundathikodu
Thalappally Nelluvaya
Thalappally Kandanasseri
Thalappally Allur
Thalappally Palakkadu
Thalappally Kaniyarkod
Thalappally Mangad
Thalappally Paralikad
Thalappally Paimkulam
Thalappally Trichur
Thalappally Arangottukarna
Thalappally Cheruthuruthi
Thalappally Desamangalam
Thalappally Vadakkanchery
Thalappally Anjur
Thalappally Kottakambal
Thalappally Killimangalam
Thalappally Eyyal
Thalappally Karikkad
Mukundapuram Kizhakkumuri
Mukundapuram Kalloor & Kalloor Vadakkumuri
Mukundapuram Kodasseri
Mukundapuram Kalloor
Mukundapuram Mupiliyam
Mukundapuram Muppiliyam
Thiruvanathapuram Veyiloor
Nedumangad Aryanadu
Nedumangad Vembayam
Nedumangad Karakulam
Nedumangad Pullampara
Nedumangad Manikkal
Nedumangad Uzhamalakkal
Chirayinkeezhu Madavoor
Kollam Kottamkkara
Kunnathoor Enadimangalam
Peerumedu Pasuppara
Thalappally Kadangodu
Thalappally Chelakkadu
Thalappally Mulloorkkara
Thalappally Enkakad
Thrissur Panachery
Thrissur Puttur
Thrissur Pallippuram
Thrissur Cherppu
Thrissur Kurumpalama
Thrissur Nadathara
Thrissur Kozhukkully
Thrissur Marakathara
Thrissur Olloor
Thrissur Vadakkemury
Thrissur Mamakkodi
Thrissur Veluthoor
Thrissur Anthikkadu
Thrissur Pullu
Thrissur Edakolathoor
Thrissur Nattassery
Kunnathoor Sasthamkotta
Kunnathoor Sooranadu
Kunnathoor Vallikkodu
Karthikappally Viyapuram
Karthikappally Karuvatta
Karthikappally Kizhakkekkara
Karthikappally Valiyakkuzhi
Kunnathoor Sooranadu North
Kanjirappally Erumely
Thrissur Poonkunnu
Thrissur Ayyanthol
Thrissur Peramangalam
Thrissur Kanimangalam
Thrissur Avannoor
Thrissur Pullazhi
Thrissur Kolazhi
Thrissur Kaiparampu
Thrissur Adatta
Thrissur Chevoor
Thrissur Anjur
Thrissur Piluvattam
Thrissur Karumathara
Thrissur Pattur
Thrissur Kuttur
Thrissur Venginisseri
Thrissur Viyyur
Thrissur Aranattukkara
Thrissur Manaloor
Thrissur Padiyam
Thrissur Puranattukkara
Thrissur Kurichikkara
Thrissur Killanur
Thrissur Inchamudi
Thrissur Tholur
Thrissur Edalcunni
Thrissur Valanchira
Thrissur Parakkad
Thrissur Chiyyaram
Thrissur Kayanur
Thrissur Arattuppuzha
Thrissur Chittilappilly
Thrissur Valapaya
Thrissur Vellanikara
Thrissur Auenisseri
Thrissur Kolannur
Thrissur Peringavu
Thrissur Uragam
Thrissur Kizhuppillikkara
Thrissur Paralam
Thrissur Pallisseri
Thrissur Chalayoor
Thrissur Chullisseri
Thrissur Erava
Thrissur Pozhakal
Thrissur Thrissur
Thrissur Kizhakkumuri
Thrissur Thongalur
Thrissur Chazhur
Thrissur Kurukkancheri
Thrissur Thaniyam
Thrissur Manamangalam
Thrissur Ollookkara
Thrissur Karamukku
Thrissur Alappadu
Thrissur Cherumangalam
Thrissur Kumbalangi
Thrissur Mulavukkad
Thrissur Palluruthi
Thrissur Mattancheri
Thrissur Rameswaram
Thrissur Kadamakudi
Thrissur Elankunnapuzha
Thrissur Njarakkal
Thrissur Edavanad
Thrissur Chellanam
Thrissur Nayarambalam
Thrissur Kuzhuppilli
Thrissur Eriyad
Kollam Aadichanalloor
Kollam Kilikolloor
Kollam Kollam
Kollam Meenad (Kalluvathukkal)
Kottarakkara Ezhukone (Pooyappally)
Kollam Perinadu
Kollam Vadakkevila
Karthikappally Nangyarkulangara
Karthikappally Cheppad
Thiruvalla Mallappuzhassery
Thiruvalla Thottappuzhassey
Kunnathoor Poruvazhi
Kunnathoor Padinjarekkallada
Chirayinkeezhu Pazhayakunnumel
Chirayinkeezhu Manamboor
Chirayinkeezhu Saarkkara
Chirayinkeezhu Vettoor
Chirayinkeezhu Cherunniyoor
Chirayinkeezhu Pazhayakunnumel
Chirayinkeezhu Chemmaruthi
Chirayinkeezhu Elampa
Chirayinkeezhu Mudakkal
Chirayinkeezhu Keezhattingal
Kollam Meenad
Kollam Veliyam
Chirayinkeezhu Nagaroor
Chirayinkeezhu Kizhuvilam
Chirayinkeezhu Koonthalloor
Chirayinkeezhu Edava
Chirayinkeezhu Kilimanoor
Chirayinkeezhu Alamcode
Chirayinkeezhu Chirayinkeezhu
Karunagappally Perunattu Gramam
Chirayinkeezhu Avanavanchery
Chirayinkeezhu Melthonnakkal
Thiruvananthapuram Vanchiyoor
Chirayinkeezhu Ayiroor
Chirayinkeezhu Azhoor
Devikulam Pallivasal
Devikulam Mannamkanam
Kasargody Panathadi

കുറിപ്പ് –

ഈ പട്ടിക ഒരു സൂചകം മാത്രം. പഴയ സർവെ അളവുപ്ലാനുകൾ ഭാഗീകമായി മാത്രമേ നിലവിൽ ലഭ്യമുള്ളൂ. പട്ടികയിൽ കാണിച്ചിട്ടുള്ള വില്ലേജുകളുടെ മുഴുവൻ അളവുപ്ലാനുകളും ലഭ്യമാകണമെന്നില്ല. ഭൗതികമായ ഒരു തിരച്ചിലിലൂടെ മാത്രമേ ഓരോ സർവെ നമ്പരുകളുമായും ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട് ഏതെല്ലാം റിക്കാർഡുകൾ (അളവുപ്ലാൻ/എ.ബി പ്ലാൻ/ഉടവുപ്ലാൻ തുടങ്ങിയവ) ലഭ്യമുണ്ട് എന്ന് കണ്ടെത്താൻ കഴിയുകയുള്ളൂ.