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US Rakhi

US Rakhi

There is nothing more satisfying than the sight of a confident woman. The people who regularly wander around the cityscapes of Trivandrum would have seen a woman with a camera moving around in full swing. US Rakhi, probably the first woman photojournalist in Kerala is present almost everywhere in the capital city with the camera around her neck.

Under the burning sun or the pouring rain, she is not timid to work. She makes her way into a male dominant space by breaking many barriers. She is currently working as a photographer in the Malayalam daily ‘Tejas’. Rakhi is one of the first women who took up photojournalism as a serious profession. Rakhi has been in the photography field for more than two decades now. She did a certificate course on photography from Sramik institute in Trivandrum and started her photography career right after that with a second hand camera. Initially she worked as a wedding photographer which was a highly reserved profession for men then. And she later moved to photojournalism over a decade ago. Clicking for the National Games and Asian Games(?) are few of the memorable moments for Rakhi in her career spanning over 20 years.

“Leading newspapers are still reluctant to hire woman photographers stating that they can’t be competitive with the male photographers” says Rakhi. She is well aware of the hurdles that our society places in front of a woman who has passions/dreams. She urges that more women should take up photography seriously and break the gender hierarchy that prevails in the field.

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