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State Government Schemes


  • Flagship Programme on Finishing School for Women

The scheme provides additional training for women job seekers.


The flagship programme on finishing school for women was initiated in the year 2007-08. It proposes to equip and upgrade the faculties and skills of women job seekers through additional training so as to make them employable. To achieve this objective the services of a number of institutions like ITIs, Engg. Colleges. IITs, Public, Private agencies etc. are used. It aims to provide guidance and mentorship to the students.


Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized women job seekers.


Skill development.

How to avail:- Beneficiaries may contact the Superintendent of nearby women welfare institutions of Social Justice Department.

  • Flagship Programme for Gender Awareness

To give general awareness on the rising menace of domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry demands and to initiate a sustained campaign for creating awareness that would enable young girls and women to use the various provisions of law to defend themselves and seek remedial measures is the need of the hour in the state. Accordingly, this programme aims to overcome gender discrimination through several measures.   

Scheme type

Central and state government


All women who need help.


Grass root level awareness programmes, media campaign, intensive training to all stake holders, providing legal aid and strengthening counseling to the victims of domestic violence, implementation of state women’s policy, publicity centre cum help desk in all KSRTC bus stations and railway stations in district head quarters. Implementation of Acts like Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 etc. 

How to avail:- Assistance can be obtained from Social Justice Department through protection officers and through service providers accredited by the department.

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