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P K Medini

P K Medini

The revolutionary political singer from Alappuzha, PK Medini was once the sound of revolution in Kerala. In the time of communist uprisings in the state, her songs were unavoidable in most the party meetings and other programs. Medini was born in 1933 into a family that strongly supports the communist ideology. So her public life began at a very tender age. She started performing her songs of revolt on various stages which inspire many people across the state.

Medini admires singing from her childhood itself. As a child, she used to work for a landlord along with other family members like majority of the people in their neighbourhood who doesn’t own land. Then she began to attend party meetings with her brothers and that is when she started to get opportunities to sing on the stage. Medini considered singing as a way of expression and communication with the masses. Like most of the people of her time, she also gathered her knowledge about international affairs through the speeches of revolutionaries. Her songs were also considered as a package of information for the fellow listeners.

Back then, in the time of revolution, every possible medium were used to propagate revolutionary ideologies. Songs were one such medium used. Most of the songs were penned by famous leftist writers of the time and sang on the stage by singers like Medini. A voice that moved thousands of people in the second half of the 20th century, she still breathes music and revolt. Medini still recollects how the lives of various women revolutionaries of the time such as Koothattukulam Mary and KR Gowri have inspired her life. She was not bestowed with the recognition that she deserves, in her extensive career spanning over seven decades.

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