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Marriage Assistance to Differently Abled Women and to Daughters of Differently Abled Parents

Title : Marriage Assistance to differently abled women and to daughters of differently abled parents
Scheme Type : State Government
Funding Pattern : Government of Kerala
Description : As per G.O.(MS) 126/2006/SWD, dated: 16/3/2006 and G.O.(MS) 216/2007/SWD, dated: 30-03-2007 has sanctioned a scheme for giving an amount of Rs.10,000/- as the Marriage Assistance to physically handicapped girls and the daughters of physically handicapped parents. A total amount of Rs.50,90,000/- was utilized for 509 beneficiaries.
Benefeciaries : Differently abled women and also to the differently abled parents for the marriage of their daughters
Benefits : A one - time assistance of Rs. 10, 000/- is provided to the benefeciaries
Eligibility Criteria :  
How to avail : The application forms are to be obtained from District Social Justice Offices and to submit to the same office with required documents

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