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M. Fousiya

M. Fousiya

Fousiya is a female football coach from Kozhikode district of Kerala. The veteran footballer is associated with the Kerala Sports Council. She has been coaching the girls of Nadakkavu Girls Higher Secondary School for over 15 years. Coming from Kozhikode, a district in Kerala well known for its love for football, Fousiya was also passionate about the game since her childhood. Many of her students have made their way into national as well as international teams including Nikhila and Ashly who have represented the country in various matches. She is kicking hard to break the gender hierarchy that prevails in sports, especially in football.

As an uncompromised admirer of football, Fousiya impart every bit of knowledge that she has gathered through years of experience to her students. She overcame several obstructions in life, including an injury on her left hand few years ago which prompted the closure of her playing career. But it was not sufficient for her to retract from the game that she loved more than anything. Fousiya formed Women Football Club in 2007 which conducts vacation training camps for children. She is disappointed with the fact that women football is largely ignored in the state. And she continuously emphasize on the need to take effective measures to vitalize women football.

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