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K.R. Meera

K.R. Meera

K.R. Meera, an established writer in Malayalam, is well noted for the intensity of her writings. Resides in Kottayam, the 47 year old Meera is the author of many prominent writings in Malayalam that deals with femininity and the distress of human life. Her first collection of stories, Ormayude Njarambu which was published in 2002, marked the beginning of her writing career. Since then Meera has a number of novels and short story collections published in her name. Women play central roles in most of her stories. Her women have uniqueness and a certain level of vigour that makes them re-define the women of early Malayalam literature.

Aarachar (2012) is known as her master piece and has won her several awards and recognition including Kendra Sahitya Academy Award. Like the protagonist of the novel, the hang-woman in her early 20s, most of her women are free-spirited and beyond conventions. Her literature is often criticized for the extreme melancholy in them. But Meera develops it into her distinctive manner of storytelling.

She is not only a fiction writer, but she continuously engages in social issues and protests for justice. Like her predecessors such as Saraswathiamma, Sarah Joseph and Kamala Das, Meera also makes her way into the forefront by creating a language of her own. Meera assertively pointed out on various occasions, a woman writer’s need to be a feminist, humanist, socialist and environmentalist, all at the same time.

She is the recipient of various awards including Kendra Sahitya Academy Award (2015), Kerala Sahitya Academy Award (2013), the prestigious Odakkuzhal Award(2013) and Vayalar Award (2014).

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