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Financial Assistance to Blind and Orthopaedically Handicapped Advocates

Scheme Type

State Government


Funding Pattern


State government





 In the scheme for the payment of financial assistance to blind and Orthopaedically Handicapped Advocates the annual income of the family should not exceed Rs. 18,000/-.  The applicant under this scheme shall be eligible for an exgratia non-recurring grant of Rs.25000/- for the purchase of books, provisional suits etc., and they are being paid readers allowance @ Rs.1000/- per month for a period of 5 years.  An amount of Rs.2500/- was allotted an ex-gratia non-recurring grant.




Blind advocates practicing in any court in the State of Kerala


Benefits and Eligibility criteria

Ex-gratia grant of Rs.2,500 for their initial expenses and a monthly allowance of Rs.1,000 for engaging a reader for a period of five years.

Advocates suffering from cerebral palsy are eligible for Rs.2,500 for their initial expenses.

The annual income ceiling is Rs.18,000/-


How to Avail


The application form can be had from the District Social Justice Offices (DSJOs), and the duly completed from along with required details are to be submitted to  the DSJO.

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