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Central Government Schemes


  • Ujjawala

Ujjawala - A Comprehensive Scheme for Prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of Victims of Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Objectives of the scheme

  1. To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilization and involvement of local communities awareness generation programmes generate public discourse through workshops/ seminars and such events and any other innovative activity.
  2. To facilitate rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody.
  3. To provide rehabilitation services both immediate and long-term to the victims by providing basic amenities/ needs such as shelter food, clothing medical treatment including counseling, legal aid and guidance and vocational training.
  4. To facilitate reintegration of the victims in to the family and society at large.
  5. To facilitate repatriation of cross-border victims to their country of origin.



Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. Women and children who are victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.

The components of scheme and the pattern of assistance

The scheme shall have the following main components :-



  • Awards to Individuals and Organizations in the Service of Women

(No details were given)

  • Vayoshreshta Samman Award for the Aged

Award given to the senior citizen of India. A total of 10 awards are given in different categories.

Objective of the Scheme

This is to recognize the services rendered by the older senior citizens, to sensitize the society about the problems and needs of the older persons and to reiterate the Government’s commitment towards the cause of the elderly. Total of 10 awards are therein the various categories.


Institutions which study about problems of Old age, Association conducting service to welfare of old age, people above 90 years of age who continue social work, best mothers who tried hard to bring their children to their destiny, brave old age people, service done by old age in the field of old age, old age people who got national/international awards in field of cultural activities, best panchayats working for welfare of old age, old age people working in the field of sports, and old age people working for economic prosperity can apply for concerned awards.

Benefits/ Awards given:-

  1. Institution Award for Knowledge for the institutions, which are generating and spreading the knowledge in the field of ageing.
  2. Institution Award for Service for the institutions which are providing outstanding services to the elderly.
  3. Centenarian Award for the individuals who are 90+ years and still working and contributing to the society.
  4. Best Mother Award for mothers who have fought against all odds so that their children may fulfill her dream.
  5. Courage and Bravery Award to the older people who displayed extraordinary courage in difficult situations.
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award to the senior citizens who have worked in the field of aging and made significant contributions in the field. 
  7. Creative Art Award for the winners of the National/ International acclaim for their contribution to literature, painting , theatre, feature films and who are continued to be appreciated by the society despite advancing age and their efforts to train younger persons in the art.
  8. Best Panchayath Award to the Panchayaths, which have done pioneering work for the cause of the older person at Panchayath Level.
  9. Sportsperson Award  to the winners of National / International Championships during young age, continued contribution to the improvement of younger sportsperson. 
    Economic Leadership Award to the persons who have contributed to economic and entrepreneurial development and continued contribution to improve standards in the industry

How to avail:- The application forms can be obtained from the District Social Justice Offices. The applications forms must be completely filled in English with relevant documents and can submit in the same office within the time limit announced by Government.

  • Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG)

The programme aims to improve nutritional status, to create gender awareness and to provide supportive environment of self – development of adolescent girls.

Funding Pattern

The programme aims to improve nutritional status, to create gender awareness and to provide supportive environment of self – development of adolescent girls.


  1. Adolescent girls (11-15 years) with body weight less than 30 kg.
  2. Adolescent girls (15-19 years) with body weight less than 35 kg.


  1. Improvement of nutritional and health status of girls.
  2. Training and equipment of adolescent girls to upgrade home based vocational skills.
  3. 6 kg of free food grain (rice) per month per beneficiary.
  4. Promotion of health, hygiene, nutrition, family welfare, home management and childcare.
  5. Better understanding of their environment related social issues and its impact on their lives.
  6. Improvement of knowledge for decision making capabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

Adolescent girls (11-19) who are registered their names in an Anganwadi Centres irrespective of financial status of the family to which they belong.

How to avail:- Through Anganwadi centres.


  • Kishori Sakthi Yojana (KSY)

During adolescence, girls need proper nutrition, care and guidance. They also need exposure to more opportunities and ways of improving their self esteem and decision-making capabilities.


The aim of the Kishori Sakthi Yojana (KSY) is creating general awareness among adolescent girls about health, nutrition, family life, personal identity and skill development. Adolescent girls are future mothers and investing in their welfare is crucial in promoting maternal and child health.

Funding Pattern

Adolescent girls’ clubs have been formed in every Anganwadi in the ICDS network and an effort is made to ensure all adolescent girls become its members. These clubs meet at least once a month and have elected leaders. The KSY is a Central Government-sponsored scheme and Rs. 1.10 lakh is sanctioned for each if its projects.

Working Pattern of the Scheme

  1. Health and family life education:- Various topics related to reproductive health personal hygiene nutrition and child care are dealt with each month during adolescent girls’ club meetings. Health staff, ICDS functionaries and experts in the field of nutrition handle these classes. Yoga and self-defense techniques are also taught.
  2. Charter meetings:- Topics like reproductive health, pregnancy, child birth, contraceptive, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDs are handled by experts at these meetings held at the panchayat level once every three months.
  3. Education module:- A compact module has been prepared for the health, nutrition, life skills and family life education of adolescent girls. This is done with the help of experts in each of the fields.
  4. Teenage clinics:- A half-day clinic for adolescent girls is to be arranged at the nearest primary health centre in association with the charter meetings where the services of a female gynecologist and a counselor will be available.
  5. Leadership training:- Leadership training is being given to the presidents and secretaries of each adolescent girls’ club.
  6. Career guidance:- Studies show that very few girls from the lower socioeconomic strata pursue higher education. More often they prefer, or are made to prefer, getting married. Proper career guidance at an early stage, which makes girls more aware of their career options and choices, can help change this situation.
  7. Providing sports kits:- Adolescent girls have very few opportunities to get involved in sports activities because sports equipment in schools is usually only used by boys. Providing sports kits to adolescent girls’ clubs will not only improve the physical health of members but also cultivate a team spirit among them and improve their social skills. Each sports kit will have, for instance, a bicycle, badminton net, carom board, and the like.


  • Anganwadi Karyakatri Bima Yojana

Insurance coverage scheme for Anganwadi workers and helpers.


This programme under the Life Insurance Corporation’s Social group scheme provides insurance coverage to Anganwadi workers and helpers. The schemes which began in April 2004 is optional for the Anganwadi workers and helpers. The Scheme operates with premium contributions of Government of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India and the beneficiaries. 

Salient features of the scheme

  • Applicable to persons aged from 18-60 years.
  • Death other than by accident- Rs.30,000/-
  • Death due to accident- Rs.75,000/-
  • Permanent disability due to accident- Rs.75,000/-
  • Loss of both eyes and two limbs or an eye and one limb in an accident- Rs.75,000/-
  • Loss of one eye or one limb in accident- Rs.37,500/-
  • Scholarship of Rs.300/- every quarter for two children from 9th to 12th standards.
  • Critical illness, Rs.20,000/- on the occurrence of breast cancer, ovarian cancer/ fallopian tube cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer.

The total annual premium per member is Rs.280/-. Of which, Rs.200/- is for the Janashree Bima Yojana and Rs.80/- for critical illness benefit.

The share of premium from various sources is:-

  • LIC’s Social Security Fund – Rs.100/-.

Individual Insured  -  Rs.80/- (This was waived for two years from 2007-09)

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