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Baby, a native of Kochi is noted for the profession she chose for an income. She chose to do one of the toughest professions that most of the people, irrespective of gender, would dare to take up. Baby is a grave digger. She began doing this job at the age of 17. This profession has been passed on to Baby from her mother Kunjamma who was also a gravedigger. When her mother fell ill, Baby took up the job and said to have buried more than 15,000 corpses till date.

Aged close to 60, Baby still digs graves and determined to carry out the job as long as she could. Even though she was forced to take up the profession due to financial restraints, now she considers this as a social service too. But the social stigma existing around someone doing a daring job that of a grave digger is disheartening. She is being treated like an outcast and nobody in the neighborhood invites her for any celebration. She married Pushkin, a head-load worker at the age of 45 who died of cancer a few years back. She loves to sing and music is the medication to release the stresses that her profession bestowed upon her.

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