IT export

The IT sector in Kerala outshone the previous records. Within 5 years the IT sector opened job opportunities for one lakh talented young people directly. Besides, it could export IT related products for 15,000 Cr rupees. When the current UDF Government sworn into power, the export revenue was limited to merely 3000 Cr rupees. But with the visionary foresight of the top brass at the helm of the affairs, a sudden surge was visible. The yearly income from rent only by Technopark and Infopark is Rs 70 cr. When the first phase of the Kozhikkode cyber Park and Smart City Kochi is commissioned, the IT export from Kerala in 2016 will rise up to 18,000 cr. In addition to this, the generation of employment opportunities will see an increase up to two lakh.

Emerging kerala a big success

The invest meet known as Emerging Kerala attracted total 56 projects to the State. The total investment of these projects is Rs 32,137 cr. 14 projects of Rs 23,334 cr come under the Industries Department. Projects such as BPCL Downstream,Kochi Petro Chemical Park, Poly Isobutyne Project, Bio Neutra Park, Bio Medical Devises Hub etc will be the rays of hope for a much more developed future Kerala. The Combined projects by Higher Education Department -MNC Mecedez benz, Higher Education Department- MNC Bauch, KIDS Lab by Science and Technology Department -BASF India Limited are progressing.

Start Ups

The Start Up Village at Kalamassery at Kochi is a model to other states. Many a student and youngster have registered with the village with more than 7000 innovative and ambitious ideas. In the year 2014-15 the annual turnover of the IT and IT related sectors of the Start Up companies was 7. 84 crores. The student entrepreneurs were given 20 % attendance relaxation and 4% grace marks. The basic infrastructure for the Start Ups was given through Government IT Parks, micro- middle- small-scale Clusters.

Encouragement for young entrepernurs

A young entrepreneur summit was held for making the youth with interest in innovative business as powerful entrepreneurs. V-mission meet was conducted for women, first of its kind in the country. Seed Fund was created for additional help to the young entrepreneurs. And, Angel fund was created for getting the youngsters enabled with initial Capital. Incubator centres started at colleges in order to operate the business ideas of student. State Entrepreneur Development Mission was formed. This body gives maximum 20 lakh rupees without interest for youngsters to start their own business. 2,834 business ventures have been given this amount till now. 5,000 youngsters were given training. 650 business ventures were given financial assistance. 450 ventures started functioning in full swing. Through these, 3000 people got employment directly and indirectly.