Kerala will have outshone other states by 2030

Vision 2030 prepared by the National Council of Applied Research and brought out by the Kerala State Planning Board is a remarkable document for its integrated approach to development, comprehensive coverage, identification of key areas of concerns, articulation of a knowledge Economy for achieving social and environmental sustainability and clear guidelines to the State Government and other stake holders for follow up action.

The Vision aims to raise up the GDP of the state to 7.5% (accumulated annual growth rate). Per capita income will be raised to 19,000 Dollars from 4,763 Dollar in 2011. Health Coverage for all,Social equality,environmental sustainability will be implemented. Through these, the state can be one of the toppers of the UNDP’S Human Development Index. 10 % growth is envisaged in educational and Health sectors and product manufacturing, manufacturing sectors 9 % growth is expected.

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