Work of Rs 61. 27 cr has been completed under the project sabarimala master plan. This will provide the basic infrastructure at Sabarimala. Rs 10 cr was allotted for the zero waste Sabarimala project. A waste treatment plant started functioning at sabarimala. Nadapanthals,8 queue complexes and an under pass have been completed from Pamba to sannidhanam.The road Swami Ayyapan was made suitable for travelling. Arogya Bhavan was set up at Pamba. For the renovation and maintenance of the roads to sabarimala Rs 523 cr was utilized. A bridge was built at kanamamala using Rs. 7 cr, for making the journey from Erumely to Pamaba a smooth one. Roads with a width of 14 meter were built at Nilakkal with footpaths. This costed Rs 8.14 cr. And, roads connecting these, were built with 8 meter width.

Parking facilities improved. Now, Morethan 10,000 vehicles can be parked. A water Tank with storage capacity of 10 lakh liter was set up. Two borewells were also constructed.Rs 518 cr was utilized to renovate roads in connection with the festival at sabarimala. The main roads that lead to Sabarimala were completed with a 5 year gurantee under the heavy maintenance scheme. 75.2 km roads were completed under this scheme. 124 km roads were renovated with a 3 year guarantee.