The day 13th January 2016 is auspicious in the history of Kerala because it is on this day Vice president of India Hamid Ansari declared Kerala the one and only ‘State with Total Primary Education in India’. After the sweeping success of Total Literacy Campaign in 18th April 1991, now Kerala crossed another milestone. It is through ‘Athulyam’ Second phase project (2014-15).The project was Implemented by Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority (KSLMA) under the supervision of the Department of Education. ‘Athulyam provides primary education to any person between the age limit of 15 to 50. The Government identified 2,40,804 people across the State through a survey and imparted classes and training. The survey was conducted by the Social Justice Department . 2,05,913 people wrote Athulyam general exam titled ‘Athulyam Aksharolsavam’,out of which 1.7 lakh were women candidates .The exam was conducted on June 7th 2015. 140 prison inmates from different jails in the State also wrote the exam .Candidates were also given the option of choosing Tamil or Kannada as their medium. When the valuation was complete, 98% of candidates passed in subjects including Malayalam, Mathematics, English and another one titled ‘We And our Surroundings’.