The Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation  handles potable liquor made out of Extra Neutral Alcohol, Beer/Wipe. Potable liquor is a consumable item containing potable Alcohol and other chemicals. There are good and bad effects of consuming liquor. The role the KSBC is channellising all kinds of liquor/beer/wine from manufacturers through out the country for the consumers in Kerala. Any non-availability of any item is the decision of the respective manufacturer not to sell the item in Kerala. The price at which an item is available in Kerala (as against any other places) is due to factors governing the pricing by the manufacturer and the State Excise and Sales Tax laws. As such KSBC is not restricting purchase of liquor from any manufacturer who is prepared to enter into a valid contract. KSBC performs the role of procuring liquor and take adequate steps to ensure the quality standards of liquor and place them to the consumer through the various channels of distribution enabling the consumer to take his preference.

The liquor brought through KSBC contains the holographic stickers pasted on the bottle caps. The activity of KSBC confines to contracts for procurement and distribution. Consumer has to know his health condition while deciding to drink. Alcohol is not a freely marketable item like any other consumable but can be sold only through licence. In this point of view there is a message that consumer has to check his health while consuming liquor.