Citizen Services (Issuing of Land Records)

Sl No: Citizen Services Time of Service Rendered Application along with documents to be submitted Responsible person of the Service Rendered Complaint if any should be forwarded to
1. Resurvey records such as Application having the details of Resurvey No:, Block No:, Name of Village, Taluk, & District affixed with Rs.5/- Court Fee stamp and the prescribed fees that should be remitted for each application shown as below Assistant Director, Survey Superintendent  of district/ Resurvey Offices Survey Director, Addl. Director, Joint Director, Deputy Director
  1. Block Map
5 days Rs. 676
  1. FMB
5 days Rs. 507
  1. Area List
3 days Rs. 84
  1. Correlation
5 days Rs. 169
  1. Land Register&BTR (Survey Sub Division)
5 days Rs. 253
2. Old Survey Records such as
  1. Settlement Register
5 days Rs. 253
  1. Litho Map
5 days Rs. 676
  1. Old Survey Plan
7 days Rs. 507