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Board of Directors

Shri Pinarayi Vijayan

Hon. Chief MInister

Shri E Chandrasekharan

Minister for Revenue and Housing

Shri K Gopalakrishnan IAS


The main function of the Department

is to complete the resurvey of the state.

Resurvey is in progress all over Kerala. Govt has ordered to survey the remaining villages by using modern survey instruments.


Resurvey of the State and Preparation of land records based on the existing limits of occupations would facilitate the speedy implementation of land records and collection of agricultural statistics.


Training of modern survey equipments like total station were conducted by MGRTCS, also training for revenue officers(Chain survey and higher survey) 3months chain sruvey for ptivate students were conducted by Survey department.


E-Rekha is an internet based survey records data directory of the state that allow the users to explore information related to the cadastral data pertaining to the Survey &Land Records department of the State.

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