Library Profile

The Library has a collection of more than 56500 books including nearly 2500 reference books. Mainly intended as a support system for the academics engaged in textbook preparation and educational research the library has books on all subjects with special thrust on education and its allied subjects

Rules & Regulations

The library membership, which was once restricted to the academic and non-academic staff of SCERT, is now open to the public and at present it has 650 members. Researchers, educators and PG students form the core of the membership base.
There are 6 categories of membership:

Subscription- Annual
C TEACHERS 3 Books 150.00
D EMPLOYEES 2 Books 150.00
E RFs & PG STUDENTS 2 Books 100.00
I INSTITUTION 10 Books 1000.00
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Library Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10.00 – 17.15 hrs 
The library remains closed on Sundays, Second Saturdays and on all Government holidays.

List of Government Holidays Kerala 2014

National and regional public holidays of Kerala in 2018

Date Day Holiday Remarks
02 January 2018 Tuesday Mannam Jayanthi Only Kerala
26 January 2018 Friday Republic Day Honors the establishment of Indian Constitution
13 February 2018 Tuesday Maha Shivratri
29 March 2018 Thursday Maundry Thursday Only Kerala
30 March 2018 Friday Good Friday
01 April 2018 Sunday Bank Holiday Only banks
14 April 2018 Saturday Dr Ambedkar Jayanthi Birthday of Dr.Ambedkar
15 April 2018 Sunday Vishu Only Kerala
01 May 2018 Tuesday May Day Many states
15 June 2018 Friday Idul Fitr Many states
11 August 2018 Saturday Karkkadaka Vavu Kerala
15 August 2018 Wednesday Independence Day Throughout India
22 August 2018 Wednesday Idul Juha Bakrid
24 August 2018 Friday First Onam Kerala only
25 August 2018 Saturday Thiruvonam Kerala only
26 August 2018 Sunday Third Onam Kerala only
27 August 2018 Monday Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Kerala only
02 September 2018 Sunday Sreekrishna Jayanthi Kerala, Odisha,
20 September 2018 Thursday Muhurram Day of Ashurah
21 September 2018 Friday Sree Naryana Guru Samadhi Kerala only
02 October 2018 Tuesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi Throughout India
18 October 2018 Thursday Mahanavami Bihar, Kerala, Odisha,
19 October 2018 Friday Dusserha
06 November 2018 Tuesday Deepavali Tamil Nadu, Kerala
21 November 2018 Wednesday Id-e-Millad
23 November 2018 Friday Guru Nanak Birthday The birthday of the founder Sikhism
25 December 2018 Tuesday Christmas Day Throughout India

Resources & Facilities

Library has always accorded high priority for books and journals. Every Monday 30 new books are put out on display and the users can borrow them the following week. The new arrivals thus get the attention of the public and reservation facility is also available. The list is available online.
The library follows Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and the OPAC facility is available.
Every year nearly 10-15 lakhs are spent on books and about 20 lakhs on journals. The books are brought on approval basis and the Book Selection Committee makes the selection.
As of March 2012, we have the following information resources:

Books 42639
Current journals 85
Reports 1200
Theses (M Ed/ PhD) 900

The electronic information materials available include full text journals and databases.

Computer/Network and other infrastructure
Library maintains a sub-LAN which in turn is connected to the campus LAN. All PCs in the library are with internet access.

Other Services
Lending; Reference; Internet Search; ERIC Search; Photocopy; Contents Page; Pressclips; SCERT Digest

List of Text Books



How the textbooks are arranged…

SCERT has devised its own ‘classification scheme’ for arranging the textbooks on the shelf.

Every book will have a number indicating the state (except in the case of Kerala), class, year & subject.

For eg. TB/VII/1990/400(E)

TB denotes ‘textbook’

VII denotes Std. VII

1990 is the year of publication

400 denotes ‘language’ and E stands for ‘English’.

Taken together, it means: Kerala English Reader (textbook) for Std. VII, published in 1990.

This way the books are arranged year-wise, and within that, by state, class, year and subject, in that order. For textbooks other than the readers, medium is indicated by giving the corresponding letter in the bracket along with the subject. For eg., Mathematics text in Malayalam (medium) is given as 510 (M), where 510 is the Dewey Decimal Class no. for Mathematics and the M in the brackets indicates the medium, which, in this case, is Malayalam.

Textbook Archives - Kerala State

The first-ever Textbook Archives in the country was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Education & Culture, Govt of Kerala on 16 February 2011 at SCERT. The oldest textbook in the present collection dates back to 1896 and there are 1200 textbooks, mainly from Kerala. There is an Advisory Committee headed by Sri N Sukumaran Nair, Former State Librarian and its members are drawn from different fields like Archives. 44 very old textbooks have been digitized and it is hoped that this will grow in stature in the years to come.