Teacher Education is a curricular input for improving school education. This department aims at integrating training and research programmes to a larger extent with greater thrust on quality and bringing about effective changes in the training programmes


The programmes and activities are generally focused on developing materials to satisfy the training needs of the teachers, both in-service and pre-service.

The focus areas of Teacher Education Department are:

  • Developing curriculum, Teaching manual for Pre-school and Ed course
  • Organizing in-service teacher training programmes for the TTls and DIETs
  • Orientation courses for teacher educators in TTls (whenever there is a change in the syllabus) to sensitize them on the changes to be adopted in teaching while implementing the new
  • Preparation of evaluation materials for Pre-school and B.Ed course
  • Conducting training programmes and organising creative workshops to equip the faculty members of DIETs and TTls to handle the revised curriculum of the Ed.
  • Training for master trainers
  • Orientation courses for the Heads of TTls and DIETs on revised teaching-learning strategies
  • Developing norms for teaching manual and its proper modification
  • Interacting with educational experts from various Ed centres and universities through seminars, discussions etc.


The Pre-primary education section focuses on:

  • Orientation courses on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) for faculty members of DIETs
  • Preparation of curriculum for pre-primary education
  • Preparation of curriculum for teacher educator of Pre-school
  • Preparation of activity books for pre-primary children
  • Preparation of manual for pre-primary education
  • Helping to develop low-cost teaching aids for pre-primary classes
  • Organizing training courses for teachers of Pre-primary Teacher Training Institutes and teacher educators of pre-primary
  • Providing grants to PTA-run pre-primary schools for purchasing toys and other play materials
  • Giving incentive grant to government pre-primary teacher training institutes

The focus areas of this department are :

  • Preparation of curriculum for pre-service teacher education (B.Ed)
  • Development of teaching manual
  • Organizing training programme for TTls and DIETs
  • Development of evaluation materials for pre-service education
  • Conducting quality improvement programme for teacher educators
  • Organizing refresher courses

The focus areas of this department are :

  • Developing modules for massive teacher training
  • Training for resource persons for massive teacher training
  • Arranging in-service training for teachers
  • Conducting orientation courses for teachers
  • Organizing refresher courses
  • Orientation and empowerment programmes for head masters, DEOs and DDETs on teaching learning techniques and also to improve their managerial efficiency and capacity.