“This has been established with a view to cater to the academic quality and standards in curricular areas like art , health, physical and vocational education”


The Department is responsible for:

  • Revision of the curriculum
  • Preparation of curriculum for art, physical, health and vocational education
  • Preparation of teacher text
  • Preparation of evaluation materials
  • Orientation courses for the health club sponsors and for teachers of physical – health­ art and vocational education subjects
  • Training programmes for teachers to make the work experience sessions productivity- oriented
  • Pre-vocational training to work experience teachers
  • Remedial training to educationally backward students
  • Training for resource persons in vocational education
  • Orientation courses for preparing artists to work in textbooks, clay modelling etc.
  • Distribution of school health club magazines supplied by UNICEF
  • Guidelines for the school health clubs
  • Restructuring VHSE in the state