SCERT (Kerala) functions as an R&D institute at the state level by providing guidance, support and assistance to the State Education Department in its endeavor to improve the quality of elementary and secondary education and teacher education. To achieve this goal, the SCERT conducts research Studies, develops information systems, curricular policies, and instructional materials and co-ordinates in-service education for teachers at all levels.

SCERT is concerned with the academic aspects of school education including formulation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teachers’ handbooks and teacher training. It advises the Government on policy matters relating to school education

The academic activities and programmes of SCERT are carried out by the various departments / units. SCERT plans and co-ordinates all academic projects and programmes in the state.


Prof. C. Raveendranath

Honourable Minister for Education

    Sri. A Shajahan IAS

    Secretary, General Education Department

    Vice Chairman - SCERT

      Dr. J. Prasad

      Director - SCERT

      Governing Body of SCERT

      Prof. C. Raveendranath, Minister of Education Chairman
      Secretary, General Education Department Vice Chairman
      Sri.A. Pradeep kumar, M.L.A Member
      Sri.James Mathew, M.L.A Member
      Secretary, State Planning Board Member
      A representative of Ministry of HumanResource
      Development Government of India
      Director of Public Instruction Member
      State Project Director, Sarva Shikha Abhiyan, Thiruvananthapuram Member
      Additional  Secretary, Finance Department Member
      Director, Higher Secondary Education Member
      Director, Vocational Higher Secondary Education Member
      Prof.V. Karthikeyan Nair, Director, State Language Institute Member
      Dr. C. Ramakrishnan, Pilicode, Kasaragod Member
      Smt. Chithra Madhavan, Faculty Member SCERT Member
      Dr. P.K.Thilak, , Faculty Member SCERT Member
      Dr. P. Basheer, , Faculty Member SCERT Member
      Director, SCERT Member Secretary  


      SCERT has six departments:

      •     Curriculum, Textbooks and Evaluation (DCTE)
      •     Teacher Education (Pre-Service & IN- Service) and Extension Services
      •     Educational Technology (DET)
      •     Art, Physical, Health and Vocational Education
      •     Non-formal and Continuing Education and Special Projects
      •     Educational Research, Documentation and Dissemination