• End to End Approach from Seed to Market
  • Self Sustainability
  • Importance on Safe to Eat produce
  • Revenue Block as an Unit
  • Targeted production of 18.17 Lakh MT by bringing additional area of 10420 Ha with a productivity of 18 MT/ha.

In the current year's budget of 2015-16, there is a provision of Rs. 6400.00 Lakhs for the implementation of the -Vegetable Development Scheme" under the head of account: 2401-00-119-85 Plan.

The main components of the programme are as given below:

1 Homestead Vegetable Cultivation
It is Proposed to distribute 50 lakhs vegetable seed kits to 20 lakhs school students and 5 lakhs seed kits to women through Krishi Bhavans.
2 Promotion of Urban Clusters
It is proposed to popularize vegetable cultivation, through terrace as well as homestead cultivation. Terrace vegetable gardens in 25 no.. grow bags along with seedlings of major 4-6 vegetable crops will be supplied to houses in corporation and municipality areas.
3 Vegetable cultivation through Institution
Vegetable cultivation will be implemented through 5400 educational institutions and other institutions should have sufficient and suitable land to take up cultivation. Assistance will be given to each institutions for cultivation expenses, functional expenses and for irrigation units also. The project based cultiN ation lake up in public/private institutions also,
4 Training, Awareness and Publicity
Training awareness and publicity also included in the programme.
5 Development of District clusters
It is proposed to extend support to 800 clusters in the state for the promotion of sale food production and for promoting good agricultural practices. In this component assistance will he given to portable pumpsets, and plant protection equipments and also meet the contingent expenses in cluster cultivation. Provision 14 taking up any innovative activities in the cluster and to meet any critical gap in the cultivation process. including that of value addition and marketing. The innovation furd will also be utilised for organising MDT and new technologies.

During 2015-16 it is proposed to undertake 400 ha of vegetable cultivation in fallow land and also proposed to brining additional area of 3000 ha by scattered/staggered clusters. The supply of vegetable seedkits through NGOs and through media also included in this programme
6 Technical support and contract appointment
For ensuring successful implementation of the project activities, technical support is envisaged at District and State level. At Headquarters, in order to have a concurrent evaluation of project implementation, timely follow up, monitoring and reporting sufficient manpower support will he provided to strengthen the Vegetable Cell. At district level. a multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) will he constituted for providing technical support to solve field problems. Services of 2 Data Entry Operator each will be provided at district level.
7 Awards & Incentives
Best performers under vegetable cultivation at district and state levels will be given awards including officials.
8 Development support to Graded cluster
This components will set apart for supporting 50 new 'A' cluster (ci) Rs. 6.3 lakhs/cluster and also supporting 750 graded clusters which developed in 2014-15 by giving Rs. I lakhs/cluster as revolving fund.
9 Demonstration of Micro nutrients
It is proposed to demonstration of micro nutrients plot along with other major nutrients to increase in the productivity of vegetables crops.
10 Documentation
It is proposed to document all activities in block. cluster level and district level.
11 Block Level Federated Organisations (BLFO)
The support will he provided including revolving fund to Block level Federated Organisations for infrastructure development and market development.
12 Promotion of Tubers
It is proposed to support CTCRI may also he ensured in promoting tuber crops.
13 Establishment of Block Level Nurseries
Block level nurseries are to he established for the production of good quality vegetable seedlings to cater the need; of the cluster. Hi-tech nurseries will be set up in selected blocks with a minimum area of 500 sq.
14 Rainshelter
The concept of ' Rain Shelter cultivation' gains importance in conditions where crops are to be protected from extreme climate (Severe summer & heavy rains). Its helps year-round cultivation of vegetables by protecting from heavy rain and extreme solar radiation that affect plant growth adversely. It is proposed to construct 972 Rain shelter during the year.
15 Trial on Hybrids
It is proposed to establish 225 no. of trial plots of hybrid vegetables in the state.
16 Micro Irrigation with Fertigation
Micro irrigation with fertigation is the method of applying fertilizers, soil amendments and other solubi: products required by plants during their various growth phases through irrigation water in combination with Drip irrigation system. It is proposed to establish 1400 plots at the area of 50 cents of plots.
17 Safe to eat project
Specific project proposals for ensuring availability of vegetables confirming to safe to eat food standards will he implemented during this financial year also in association with Kerala Agricultural University and Public Sector Undertakings. Projects emphasizing on the analysis of field samples of vegetables for quality standards, promotion of marketing avenues for the vegetables produced_ by farmers following safe food production standards will be given preference. An amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs earmarked will be utilized for the purpose.
18 External monitoring
A concurrent monitoring and evaluation of the scheme implementation will be carried out utilizing the services of an external agency. An amount of Rs. 40.00 lakhs set apart for the component will be utilized for the conduct of external Monitoring activity.
19 Popularisation of success models through Akashvani
During the current financial year also the project to popularize the success models of Vegetable Development Scheme selected from among the districts will he implemented in association with Ak.shvani (All India Radio). Detailed working instructions will be prepared and communicated based on the proposal of AIR. An amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs se part will he utilized for the purpose.



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