The PORTAL aims at providing information on Soil Health conditions recommendations suitable to specific crops and soil conditions and dissemination of results to multiple service delivery channels to farmers. The software integrates all the provisions for soil sampling to Soil Health Card generation at one place. The Scheme aims to generate Soil Health Cards for every piece of farm land in the country within a span of three year. As the samples are geo tagged, the results will lead to the formation of WEB GIS on National Soil Fertility which will be used for different planning processes. End to end support is being provided for the successful implementation of the scheme.

Our State has taken up this software for its soil testing and fertilizer recommendations services and the soil sample registration and other works are in full swing. Using this software Kerala has registered 86680 nos of Soil samples till 20/07/2016 and counitng. Out of this 54201 nos of samples were tested and 74316 nos of Soil health cards were already generated and distributed to farmers. Training has been provided to Soil Testing Lab Officials and other field level functionaries to enter data in to the system and use the software to generate Soil Health Cards.


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Directorate of Agriculture
Vikas Bhavan,
Thiruvananthapuram-695 033
Kerala, India.
0471 - 2304480, 2303990.


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