The new approach of crop health management will bring together management towards sustainable eco-systems and people's health through Good Plant Protection Practices (GPPP). Crop health is an essential element of sustainable agriculture. The Pest Surveillance Project initiated in 2013-14 and established 60 plant health clinic up to previous year at Krishi bhavan level for crop health management. During 2015-16 58 new plant health clinics will be established taking the total number of plant health clinics to 118 numbers. In addition 4 district level general clinics also has been established. The project will be continued in 39 blocks initiated in 2013-14 and in Kasaragod district. Systematic Surveillance and advisories will be provided to the farmers through MTA. The officers enrolled for PGDPHM course will take a lead role in Pest Surveillance project and MTA preparation with the ATMA team. Plant clinics will be established in another 30 krishi bhavans in blocks where Pest Surveillance Project is implemented. It is also proposed to establish two new district plant clinics in Kollam and Kannur districts.

Area vide IPM will be implemented for vegetables, coconut, pepper and banana in association with research institutions and VFPCK on pilot basis, as demonstration projects. The pesticide testing laboratory will be developed as an NABL accredited laboratory. Farmer Field Schools (FFS) will be established in all Panchayats as part of work plan under ATMA which will focus on pests and diseases and FFS will be linked to Plant Health Clinics. Support for developing pheromones will be provided to IICT and other institutions. It is proposed to develop all the 9 parasite breeding stations as stocking centres for bio control agents as well as to promote parasite breeding. Two laboratories as Satellite centres of the State Bio Control Laboratory is planned for establishment to augment supply of bio control agents.

An amount of Rs.60.00 lakhs is set apart from six KVKs involved in the programme during 2013-14 and for other KVKs to involve in the project. A series of capacity building programmes on crop health management will be initiated for the Technical Officers in association with NPHM. District Diagnostic Team will be constituted as part of pests and diseases surveillance project. The KCPM will be upgraded as Kerala Institute of Plant Health Management for technical support and capacity building. An ICT based pests and disease advisory services with the support of IITMK and KVK Malappuram with the support of all the research institutions in the state will be initiated for service delivery through mobile phones.


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