Adoption Centre

Adoption Centre

Adoption Centre

An adoption centre is functioning under the council at our Head Quarters in Thiruvananthapuram since 1978. Two units of Sisugraha with 10 kids each is functioning here. There is also a Foundling Home at Malappuram which is proposed to be transformed into an adoption centre.

Adoption is the finest form of rehabilitation of orphaned children.
Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibility of a child to a non-biological parent. The adopted child is entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents.
The Adoption Centre under KSCCW works towards facilitating/finding the best family for every child. The Council also conducts awareness programmes about adoption and child rights.

Adoption Procedures

Who can be adopted?

Abandoned, orphaned and surrendered kids can be adopted as per the Adoption Regulations of the Government of India.

How to adopt a child?

Indian residents who want to adopt should register online through The acknowledgment slip must be printed and kept for future reference. Necessary documents must be uploaded within 30 days of registration. After furnishing the documents, the applicant shall approach an authorized adoption centre with the acknowledgement slip. A social worker from the centre or district child protection unit will upload the home study report to the website.

Pre-adoption Foster Care

The child shall be taken in pre-adoption foster care by the prospective adoptive parents within ten days from the date of matching, after signing the pre-adoption foster care agreement.

Post Adoption Follow-up

The Specialized Adoption Agency which has prepared the Home Study Report, shall prepare the post-adoption follow-up report on six monthly basis for two years from the date of pre-adoption foster placement with the prospective adoptive parents.

Who can adopt?

A person, married or unmarried is eligible for adopting. Childless couples as well as couple with biological children can adopt.
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Referral Matching

On seniority/priority basis, the prospective adoptive parent shall view the profile of upto three children which includes their photo, child study report and medical examination report. After viewing the profile of the child or children, the prospective adoptive parents may reserve one child within a period of forty-eight hours for possible adoption and the rest of the children would be released by Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System for other prospective adoptive parents in the waiting list.

The prospective adoptive parent/s must visit the child within 20 days from the date of reserving the child. The Specialised Adoption Agency shall counsel the prospective adoptive parents when they visit the agency for matching.
While accepting the child, the prospective adoptive parents shall sign the Child Study Report and Medical Examination Report which may be downloaded from the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System, in the presence of the social worker or chief functionary of the Specialised Adoption Agency and the Specialised Adoption Agency shall record the acceptance by the prospective adoptive parents in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System.

Legal Procedures

The Specialised Adoption Agency shall file an application in the court concerned, having jurisdiction over the place where the Specialised Adoption Agency is located, with relevant documents in original within ten working days from the date of matching of the child with the prospective adoptive parents, for obtaining the adoption order from court.

Illegal Adoption is a Punishable Crime

Institutions or individuals involved in the illegal adoption of children are punishable upto three years of imprisonment or fine upto one lakh or both according to the Juvenile Justice Act 2015.